Radiolaria by Bernotat&Co Knowledge

Located in the Haeckel Room

There are in total 9 of the Radiolaria series hanging in the Haeckel Room (we have the lamps on loan).


Radiolaria installed in the Haeckel Room - These lamps are inspired by German biologist Ernst Haeckel's lithographs. Anisa Xhomaqi


To give them all a different brightness, there is a different strength bulb per lamp.

The brand is Philips, Dimmable, Color: warm white, Halogen Classic.
They are in stock in the corridor closet with the sliding mirror doors (if you come from the office on the right side, in the middle).

  • 18W>23 watt - 204 lumen
  • 42W>55 watt - 630 lumen
  • 70W>92 watt -