Shraddha Ranganathan

Odorama: you're not alone!


Odorama Scent Jockeying - Scentman the Aroma Jockey producing scents during Caro Verbeek's presentation. Margherita Soldati

Hi, new Odorama organizer!

You've found your feet here at Mediamatic, and you've found your place in the Odorama team - nice! Great that you're on board, let's do this! 

It will feel like a huge, difficult thing to manage on your own, but let me tell you a secret: you're not on your own. There are resources for you, and if you can't find answers in them, then someone at the office will answer your questions. For now, go here so I can give you all the info I have. 

Good luck, and I believe in you! You got this! Make me proud!