How to create a new Feedback Form

Google forms are easy to work with if you know where to look for them. 


Google Forms Knowledge 1 -

Step 1: Go to your Google Drive. Click New -> More -> Google Forms. Here you can choose whether you want to create a whole new one or if you want to use a template. 

And you're done! 

No I'm kidding, there's more. 

Step 2: What's the purpose of this form? And has one been made before? For instance, there's a template for retroactive workshop feedback forms. Similarly you can use previously sent-out NFD feedback forms to base yours on.

Step 3: Adding questions - If you click on the drop-down menu that currently says "multiple choice", you'll get several options for questions types. Text answers, check boxes, grids, even file upload. Keep in mind that these are the only options you have so make your questions fit the types. 
Make sure most questions are multiple-choice/quick and easy to answer. Also ensure there's one space for general feedback. 



Google Forms Knowledge 2 -

Step 4: On the bottom right, next to the 'required' button, there's another menu. If you click on it, you can go to some cool advanced features. Play around with that! 



Google Forms Knowledge 3 -

Step 5: Make it as Mediamatic as possible. Unfortunately you can't use Georgia on Google Forms, so just use the default format. Find a nice picture relevant to the form, off of the website.