Shraddha Ranganathan

Workshop assistants

How to help the learning experiences as an assistant

Assisting the workshops is a great way to learn new crafts, explore different workshop formats and get input from experienced artists or designers. 

Kuang Yi Ku and his assistants during his Tiger Penis Workshop - Tia Török

With: Kuang-Yi Ku

Being a workshop assistant


As a workshop assistant, you generally arrive an hour before the workshop starts. Most workshops require preparation in the week leading up to the workshop. This goes from ordering things two weeks in advance to printing hand-outs, to doing groceries. 


in the The assistant overview sheet you can : 

  • Choose the workshops you want to assist
  • See what the Role of the assistant is in the different workshops 
  • See the planned dates of the workshop and Plan yourself in 
  • Find the assistant To-do list for every workshop  


If you are more into step by step guide then follow along: 

  1. Go into the  the assistant overview sheet 
  2. Check the different workshops that need assistance (you can click on the workshop name to read a description on them)
  3. Check the time, intensity and assistant role in the different workshops
  4. Fill your name in the workshops you want to assist 
  5. Fill in how long you will be at Mediamatic (so we know when you are not able to assist any longer)
  6. Go to the workshop overview sheet and plan yourself into the date you are available to assist (that is not already taken)
  7. At least a week in advance go through the assistant checklist and make sure everything is ready. 


In doubt about anything?

  • Ask a former assistant
  • Ask Mediamtic Workshop team
  • or lastly try asking the teacher through the contact information you will see at the bottom of the planning sheet.