Shraddha Ranganathan

Workshop assistants

How to fill in your interest

If you are interested in assisting workshops during your time at Mediamatic, please fill your name in to this sheet. 

If your name is in here, it means that you will be given an introduction to that workshop and put in contact with the workshop giver. It does not mean you will have to assist this workshops every week/month.


Kuang Yi Ku and his assistants during his Tiger Penis Workshop - Tia Török

With: Kuang-Yi Ku

Being a workshop assistant

All the information you should have concerning a workshop is documented in a workshop sheet.

Here you can find an overview of the current workshops in the shape of folders (name of workshop / name of workshop teacher) that should contain:

  • Workshop Sheet
  • Website text
  • Images
  • Posts

If you do not find a workshop sheet or there is a new workshop, find a template here.

As a workshop assistent you generally arrive an hour before the workshop starts. Most workshops require preparation in the week leading up to the workshop. This goes from ordering things two weeks in advance, to printing hand-outs, to doing groceries. 

Hosting a workshop

Here you will find a general overview of how to host a workshop.