Alessandra Baldissarelli Bremm, Mandy den Elzen

Exhibition Mandy den Elzen (Aquaponics)

How to create boxes and maintain the exhibition

A brief summary of the concept: The exhibition consists of making visible the beauty of fish gills from species that live in the waters around Mediamatic.The fish gills (30 in total) are going to be displayed all around the glass walls of Aquaponics, in wooden boxes, horizontal and one per glass panel. The boxes will be hanged on the walls metal frame with electric wire.

 Some materials and printed information about the exhibition can be found in one of the red boxes in the office. Look for the label: "Mandy den Elzen exhibition" / in the workshop room in front of the graphic design room.





Enlighted prototype -



Google drive with all informations gathered so far :


> Contacts : 

The artist:

Mandy den Elzen <>


The fisherman Piet Ruijter:


Ecologist Martin Melchers (Fish Species):



> Alessandra's work :

Exhibition proposal (May 2019):


Article about Mandy's work and the exhibition on Mediamatic website, you can edit here:



Wooden Boxes Mahogany 30x40x6, with glass lid and without foam in the background:


Paint "Yippee Blue" (7519) The Color Collection, by the brand Histor:

(On the website there is no option of color sample, but if you go to the store they can make a 250ml can for less than 5 euro).


Block magnet 20 x 10 x 5 mm:


Silver Vinyl :

Sandblasted transparent matt Vinyl: Dusted €5 exl btw per meter 61cm wide, on SignSeen.

Zandstraal effect folie - Dusted V961 - 61cm, 5meters, 5€/meter, Total of 25€ + 6,95 delivery -  6,71 discount = 38,66.

ordered twice.


 UPDATE 20.09.2019

Paint, LEDs, wires and nails are all bought and ready to use (+boxes of course)


Creating a new box : step by step.


  1. The holes for the wires : Take a mark 1.5cm from the side (outside of the box) and 3cm from the bottom. Drill a 4mm hole, straight towards the inside. Second hole : same distance from the side, but through the frame 
  2. The trench for the LED. Use the circular saw and the wooden mould to create a 8mm large, 38° angle trench. You can use the smaller one to adjust.
  3. Paint the box : all the inside and the back in blue.
  4. Hammer the nail in the middle of the box and glue the gill on top of it, using the model cardboard. Use different sized nails accoridng to their sizes.
  5. Solder two bended LED to a middle thin black wire (postive to negative legs) and glue them in their trenches
  6. Solder the side wires, folded int he two holes.
  7. Solder the resistors to the negative wire.
  8. Connect those wires to the the clampled connectors.
  9. The boxes are ready, just have to hang them ! 


  1. Print the name of the fish with the vinyl cutter : Silver vinyl, normal georgia font, 1.5cm high. Latin names with a capital letter at the begining.
  2. Use the cardboard to position it. Sticked 4.5cm higher than the frame, in the middle
  3. Saw trenches for the wires in the frame of the lid (so 1.5cm from the side)



  • This wires goes through a hole drilled in the frame towards the inside the box, and makes a loop that goes outside of the box through another hole, 3cm from the bottom and 1.5cm from the side of the box.
  • This wire is then used to hang the whole box. One on each side, attached to each LED, and going up to make a loop around the metal structure of the Aquaponics, using metal clamps.
  • A box should hang with its middle 1,60m higher than the floor, so this means the wire between the beam and the top of the box should be 75cm long (125cm for the higher beams on the Eat/Art and Cacti shelves panels)
  • The edge of these wires will be clamped into scotch lock connectors, which will connect the box to the wires hidden in the Aquaponics beam, linked to 4 power supplies pluged around the Aquaponics.