Alessandra Baldissarelli Bremm, Mandy den Elzen

Exhibition Mandy den Elzen (Aquaponics)

Last edited 14.08.2019

Here you can find updated information about the exhibition production. After the oppening, this page can be used to inform about the exhibition maintenance. 


A brief summary of the concept: The exhibition consists of making visible the beauty of fish gills from species that live in the waters around Mediamatic.The fish gills (35 in total) are going to be displayed all around the glass walls of Aquaponics, in wooden boxes (picture bellow), horizontal and one per glass. The boxes will be hanged on the walls metal frame with very strong magnets and metal threads.


>Some materials and printed information about the exhibition can be found in one of the red boxes in the office. Look for the label: "Mandy den Elzen exhibition".





Prototype -

> Contact and Information about the artist:

Mandy den Elzen <>


> Exhibition proposal (May 2019):


The fisherman that is responsible for fishing is Piet Ruijter:



> I have started an article about Mandy's work and the exhibition on Mediamatic website, you can edit here:


> Financial:



Wooden Boxes Mahogany 30x40x6, with glass lid and without foam in the background:


Paint "Yippee Blue" (7519) The Color Collection, by the brand Histor:

(On the website there is no option of color sample, but if you go to the store they can make a 250ml can for less than 5 euro).


Block magnet 20 x 10 x 5 mm:


> Important Contacts:

Ecologist Martin Melchers (Fish Species): <>


UPDATE 14.08.2019

There are 5 main concerns we have to think about now:

  • Text: We still trying to find the final version of the text that will be put on/in the box. By now, we have ordered the sample of matte-transparent stickers to try out the letter. Last try and the best one was with Georgia font in the size of 2cm and italic.
  • Hanging: We tried out with a fishing thread & nylon thread with two magnets and it didn't work. We are about to try it with the hemp thread.
  • Colour:For now, this is our colour. However, we will have the final decision on it after testing the lighting.
  • Prototype: We still need to test the lighting and how to run the LED panel inside the box. Please check this with Remco.
  • Gils: Still figuring out how to hold the gils inside the box. With fishing thread?