Alessandra Baldissarelli Bremm, Mandy den Elzen, Clara Froumenty, Yanqi Huang

K - The Morphology of Fish

The official opening took place on the 2nd of November, 2019.


The morphology of fish on opening day -

List of people involved

  • Artist: Mandy den Elzen
  • The fisherman Piet Ruijter 
  • Ecologist Martin Melchers (Fish Species)

Previous interns curating the project (august 2019 - january 2020) :

  • Clara Froumenty <>
  • Yanqi Huang <>
  • Alessandra Baldissarelli Bremm

    Alessandra's previous work :

Exhibition proposal (May 2019)


Article about Mandy's work and the exhibition on Mediamatic website.