Stine Troost

Communication Mediamatic ETEN

Instagram & Facebook

For the Restaurant Mediamatic ETEN we have two social media accounts: Instagram & Facebook. On this page you can find what we do and don't post on these channels.  


Eating spaghetti A La Mano - Always dreamt of eating spaghetti by hand? During this Neo Futurist Dinner designed by Giulia Soldati and Tommaso Buresti guests were allowed to dive right in. Anisa Xhomaqi

We do not post about: 

  • Workshops or any non-restaurant events of the art centre. 
  • Applications for interns of Mediamatic

We do post about: 

  • New/current dishes 
  • Wines and drinks 
  • Products and ingredients that we use
  • Our restaurant team
  • Neo-Futurist Dinners 
  • Jobs available in the restaurant

What to post where? 


  • Menu
    Post good pictures of new/current dishes. Give a short description of the dish, or tell a fun fact. Example
  • Ingredients / Food experiments.
    Facts and funny things to know about our ingredients  (Like: We grow our own Kefir and we use mint and verbena from the Aquaponics) 
  • Wines
    Tell about our wines, where does it come from? What are the ingredients? Tag the supplier. 
  • Food Suppliers
    Tell about our products, and where it comes from. Tag the supplier.
  • Drink Pairing
    Tell about our collaborations to craft specific beers to pair with the dishes/ingredients.
  • Serres Separees
    Make after-posts (for example: It was a cozy, rainy evening in the serres..), Post about free spots available (in a way that it is not too pushy) and opening times. Example
  • Atmosphere
    Show the view, the environment, the cooks and bar staff, and other interesting things.
  • Neo Futurist Dinner
    Post before and after a Neo Futurist Dinner 

Instagram Stories

  • 'In the moment' shots of the food, restaurant, team, atmosphere
  • Pin new posts from our feed in our story


The Highlights of Mediamatic ETEN are:
Serres Separees, Food, Farm, Experiment

Make sure to post enough content in our stories to keep adding to the topics of these highlights. Don't forget to update the highlights.


Kvass at Evergreen dinner -


  • Automatically share posts from Instagram
  • Share link to make a reservation every week
  • Share if an interesting Media platform writes an article about Mediamatic Eten
  • Share event page Neo Futurist Dinners

What Photos to use? 

On our flickr you can find many good photo's of the food and the restaurant. (Please credit/tag the image if the photo is taken by an extern photographer)
You can also take a picture yourself, just make sure that it is in line with the rest of the photos.


Elderflower beer - We are making a new beer with Oedipus Brewing and Zeger Reyers! The city Amsterdam is filled with the Elderflower, so we decided to check what it tastes like in combination with beer.  During this year we have several events where brew beer with different parts of the plant. Come and join us at the start of our Elder beer-journey !  Karenina van den Crommenacker, Pierre Brouillet

Tasks of the Communications Manager

  • Overview Instagram and Facebook of Mediamatic ETEN to check if it follows the plan
  • Adjust communication-plan if necessary
  • Schedule photographers to make photo's of the food and the restaurant
  • Make sure to upload photos on Flickr
  • Responsible for posts about Neo Futurist Dinner
  • Talk about communication in meeting with Jans and Willem, and think of ways to do better advertisement and promotion
  • Meet with bar-manager bi-weekly to get updates in menu changes and to discuss possible restaurant-communication plans
  • Update menu on the website

How to upload the menu to the website? 

Every time the menu changes you have to upload it at the website of Mediamatic ETEN.
You do this through login in on the back end of the website. At this website we work through blocks. These you can edit and here you can upload things. It is difficult to upload pictures, since they have to be perfectly sized, otherwise it will only show a small piece of no picture at all.

If you're a bit tech-savy you can also edit the source code in html. (File management - edit template - mmeten - index.twig)