Stine Troost

Communication Mediamatic ETEN

Instagram & Facebook

For the Restaurant Mediamatic ETEN we have two social media pages where we reach our audience and they reach us. In this article you can find how we use these and what we do and don't post on these pages. 


Eating spaghetti A La Mano - Always dreamt of eating spaghetti by hand? During this Neo Futurist Dinner designed by Giulia Soldati and Tommaso Buresti guests were allowed to dive right in. Anisa Xhomaqi

First: In order to post on Facebook you have to ask the Communication employee for the restaurant to make you an admin of the page. 

On facebook we have our social media page and there is a location page. On both pages people can write reviews and post pictures. As the Mediamatic ETEN page you can only post on our social media page. 

On instagram we have 1 page and share every week around 4 pictures/video's. 

Online we share video's and photo's of the menu and the restaurant. We announce certain events and new products. 

We do not: 

- post about workshops or any non restaurant events of the art centre. 

- post about applications for interns 

We do: 

- post about new/old dishes 

- give more information about products 

- show what you can do when you visit us. 

- tell about Neo-Futurist Dinners 

- post applications for the restaurant


If there is a video intern, you can ask them for video's of the making of the dish or atmosphere. 


You can either make them by yourself, but if you are not a photographer ask the current photography intern to photograph things for you to keep a certain quality of the pictures.  

All the passwords are to be found on the password page. 

Communications With Mediamatic 

Every week you have a meeting with Jans & Willem. During this meeting you talk about what you have posted that week and what you are going to post. This is the moment to talk about new projects or ideas and to talk about advertising certain things to reach a bigger audience. 

Try to sit with Alice every week to see if she has some food related events that need some more attention. 

Sit with the current barmanager every week to get an update about menu changes and new products. So that you can communicate these to the outside world. 

On the Website 

Every time the menu changes you have to upload it at the website of Mediamatic ETEN

You do this through login in on the back end of the website. At this website we work through blocks. These you can edit and here you can upload things. It is difficult to upload pictures, since they have to be perfectly sized, otherwise it will only show a small piece of no picture at all. 

For al the social media platforms (FB, Insta, Twitter)

  • Posts about the (new) assortment. Facts and funny things to know. Like we make our own homemade beer, Kefir and (sometimes) mint and verbena from the Aquaponics. Example
  • Suppliers. Tell about the product and where it comes from. Tag the supplier or the person. This provides a higher reach of persons. Example
  • (adjusted) opening hours. As example: did you know that we serve pizzas from Sun – Mon..? / from Wed – Sat we have a special (winter) menu… Example
  • You can also posts stuff about the atmosphere, the view, the environment, the Rocket Stove, ability’s for rentals, the cooks (bar staff) and other interesting things! Example