Plant Database

This project has three stages:

  1. The graphic design of the signs. Finalizing the individual icons for each health benefit each plant has.

  2. The design of the signs. This is done on InDesign, producing a layout that consists of:
    - the plant woodcut image
    - the finalized icons
    - the name of the plant written in English, Dutch and Latin.

  3. The physical production of the signs. Finding and using the right type of glue that will hold the Debond plastic sign to the steal poles and then welding a base with steal that will allow the signs to stay under ground. 

To do list for living Gallery


Who/ where to find assistance 


Fix containers. Outside containers, calculate the amount of soil needed, remove dead plants, add soil. 

 A map of the outdoor containers can be found on the server in the file living gallery and then maps. 

Seasonal job


List plants we already have outside and mark which container the plants are in on the out door map.

Leoniek is a herbal plant specialist and can assist you with identifying the plants.

Seasonal job

 Do you want to order seeds ? Plant shopping list is an Excel sheet you can find in google drive in the file living gallery. file is called Plant shopping list.   
Find out the health properties for each plant. Icons for creating the signs are on the server.

Unsure about what health properties each plant has? look into website links bellow.

You can also book a time for Leoniek to help out.

Find a woodcut image online to create a sign. 

Research has to be done online not to breach copyright laws. A file of already existing woodcut images can be found in the server in the Plant file 

Update plant information on the mediamatic website with image. This can be found on wikicommons website. A short description and credit the website links in the description.

Remember to credit the photographer when uploading the image to the website. 

Once new plants have been identified.

Extend plant list on excel database.

Excel sheet is on google drive in living gallery and server titiled HERBAL DATABASE FINAL

Send a JPG file of the plant to be printed on a plastic sign at redbrain print company 

Robbert is the name of the employee who helps us. The print shop is based in Amsterdam Noord.

Glue sign to steal poles

Ordering the steel poles and gluing is something that Remco has assisted with. We ordered on an amount of X on the dd/mm/yyyy.