Pulmonaria officinalis

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By Alvals - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, -


Pulmonaria officinalis, or lungwort, is an evergreen perennial and part of the boraginaceae family. It usually grows to about 30cm and flowers March - May. Lungwort is found in moist grasslands and woods, avoiding acidic soil. 

Lungwort’s high mucilage content makes it a useful treatment for chest congestion. Taken with coltsfoot it can also be beneficial in the treatment of asthma. The leaves can be used externally to stop bleeding. A tea made with the dried leaves can also be distilled and used as a wash for tired eyes. While the leaves are edible the younger leaves tend to be slimy when cooked and the more mature have an unpleasant slightly hairy texture. Lungwort is an ingredient in vermouth.