Babette Voets

Artist and educator on nature and art


Babette Voets -

I am a multi-disciplined Artist mainly focused on Painting and Performance Art. I am concerned about issues relating to social inclusion and the lessening awareness of the Natural

World around us.


This relation between Art and Nature is something I use in my educational practice. My research is centered around the understanding of Wilderness in the midst of this Man-Made Land.

A good friend recently told me that her five-year-old did not believe that the piece of meat on his plate was once a living cow. This is an example of the distance between us humans

and nature.

My goal is to reconnect city kids to natural forces through stimulating their imagination and their senses. 

At Mediamatic I am developing a continuous learning process for Primary Schools that they can use to playfully and artistically get, re-acquainted with, and explore this distant and

forgotten Wild Land.

Meanwhile, ultimately, they may discover their own natural Wild Instinct.

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