Nadine Schütz


Adaptogens are herbs, roots, and fungi that can help an organism adapt to all kinds of stress. Throughout history the way our body reacts to stress hasn’t changed. Whether you get attacked by a saber tooth tiger or you missed another deadline, your body activates the same resistance mechanisms in your body. Your heart rate increases, your breathing speeds up and hormones like adrenaline are released to provide you with energy and concentration for whatever stressful situation you may be confronted with. After this resistance phase your body faces exhaustion and you may experience tiredness, anxiety and depression. Adaptogens can on the one hand help you calm down while your body tries to resist the stress and on the other hand provide you with energy in the phase of exhaustion by balancing your body’s hormone production. In the long run they can train your body to handle the effects of stress, make you sleep better and reduce anxiety.