Red bistort

Bistorta amplexicaulis

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Bistorta amplexicaulis - Author:  Dinkum

Leaves are used as a vegetable. Rhizome is used as a medicinal product. The most frequently used wild vegetables include Allium humile, Kunth (Palon), Amaranthus hybridus (Ganhar), Bistorta amplexicaulis (Rain). These plants could provide an alternative or additional income for the local people. Surveys and analyses of the degree and extent of the subsistence etc for these plants should be conducted prior to encouraging more intensive commercial exploitation. It is also used for making tea which is very effective in flue, fever and joints. The rhizome is applied on sores and wounds. The root is also given with the milk to women to check excess bleeding during menstruation period. Also used for dysentery cough and tonic. Rootstock constitutes a drug Anjubar, used medicinally both in Unani and Ayurvedic system of medicine also contain tannins. Source: Bistorta amplexicaulis: A Brief Insight to its Ethnobotany