Heating system

Make the Clean Lab warm and cozy

You will find the heating control panel after entering Clean Lab on the left side behind the shelf.

It shows the current temperature, time and date. The fire symbol shows up in case the heating is running. Make sure that all these settings are correct.

To enter the settings press "OK" button and enter the code 1000. press "OK" again. (Always use "OK" button to confirm and "ESC" button to go back)
In the menu you can change settings for temperature, clock program and a special day.

Temperature: Choose a temperature for day and nighttime. Usually a day temperature of 21°C is fine.
Clock program: Here you can set the days/week and the hours/day. Example: 12345= Heating is on from Mon-Fri, 1234567= Heating is on from Mon-Sun. Make sure you heat the space on weekends in case there will be an event in Clean Lab on weekends. And change it back to weekdays afterwards to not waste energy!
Special Day: You can also set the heating e.g. for a weekend workshop with this function.

In case you have any questions ask Remco.


the control panel for the heating is behind the shelf on the left side -