Alice Gimpel, Anne Lakeman

Selecting Pictures

This article will talk you through the selecting of pictures after an event.

During a workshop, a Neo Futurist Dinner or a lecture, you probably take around 200 pictures. Making a selection is needed to create a good overview of what happened during the event.

Generally we maintain a deadline of 24 hours after an event for your final selection. This means:

  • Uploaded to Flickr
  • Uploaded to the website

Course One of Neo Futurist Dinner: A La Mano, a frozen drink! - Anisa Xhomaqi

First Selection

Going through all your images, you will immediately see which ones are unsharp or definitely won't make the cut. This means you will probably get rid of around 50% of your images.

An easy way of making a small selection out of an abundance of pictures, is selecting your favourite one. From there, you continue to select pictures that are equal in quality to that one image.

An other way of going about it, is dividing the event in sections: beginning, middle, end or introduction, lecturer 1, lecture 2, etc. From there on you select your favourite few images per moment.

At the end of your first selection, you should have around 40 to 50 pictures.

Second Selection

Look at the selection you have made per moment and decide on one or two per event moment. Think about the following factors:

  • Workshops
    - Picture of Workshop host explaining
    - Picture of Workshop participants interacting
    - Picture of Workshop participants in action
    - Close-up of Workshop participants in action
    - Picture / Close-up of Workshop materials and results
    - Overview of Workshop space with Workshop participants and host

  • Lectures (Odorama / Still Life / etc.)
    - Picture of Lecture host
    - Pictures of Lecturers
    - Picture of audience listening
    - Picture of audience in action (read: smelling, asking a question, interacting with each other)
    - Close-up of audience interacting with material (read: perfume, textile, other objects)
    - Overview of Lecture space with audience and Lecturer(s)

  • Neo Futurist Dinners
    - Every course needs to have one good picture of how it is plated
    - Every course needs to have one good picture of it being eaten / enjoyed
    - Overview of full table with guests
    - Close-up of guests eating and drinking
    - Picture of audience in action (read: touching, breaking, sharing)
    - Picture of artist(s) in action at the table
    - Picture of chef(s) in action in the kitchen
    - Pictures of performative elements of the dinner

You will end up with 20 - 30 pictures after your Second Selection. This is also your Flickr Selection. Here you can find how to upload your pictures to Flickr.

Website and Instagram Selection

From the Second Selection of 20 - 30 pictures, choose the 10 best ones and upload them to our Website. Here you can find how to upload your pictures to

For Instagram we share one to three pictures per event. Make sure to go through your Flickr and Website selection with the Communication Manager, to find the three best ones. Keep in mind the fact that Instagram format needs square and vertical images, whereas horizontal images look better on our website and as Facebook event covers.