Workshops on Facebook

  1. Go to our Facebook page
  2. Go to the Event section and click 'Create Event'
  3. Add an Event photo
  4. Add the Event name
  5. Standard Location Mediamatic
  6. Add the text that is also on the web page
  7. Category: Art
  8. Frequency: Occurs once
  9. Add the Date and Times
  10. We can add the workshop tutor as a co-host, but only when it is confirmed with the tutor
  11. Add the Stager ticket link
  12. Choose who can post in your event: Only admins can post
  13. People can ask questions about your event on Messenger: Yes
  14. Display guest list: Yes
  15. Publish

 If you are creating multiple events per one workshop, you can duplicate the first one you made and only change the variables:

  1. Ticket link
  2. Date
  3. ...