Bon: Program

All information regarding the Bon and the MM programming is found on this page.

How can one use the Bon to purchase a workshop/lecture?

This occurs in the following situation: An individual has received a Bon and they wish to purchase a ticket to a workshop/lecture with that Bon, but they do not know how to do it, so they send you an email. 

Answer: In the coming workshops/lectures, we have added an extra ticket that is valued at 0.00€ and has the name "I have a Bon". So this means if a person has a Bon, they can reserve their spot at this workshop by purchasing the ticket valued at 0.00€.

Important notice: When the customer attends the workshop via which they bought the ticket valued at 0.00€, they must bring the Bon as well. Both the Bon and the "I have a Bon" ticket will be scanned, in order for the customer to enter the workshop. 

What is the scanning process when one comes with a Bon?

In order to know how many people entered the workshop and to know what the Bon was used for we created an extra event for each event the has in parenthesis (Bon). 

By doing this, it allows us to keep the original event as a way to count the amount of people that attended the event. The same event, but with (Bon) will give us knowledge on where the Bon money went to (for bookkeeping purposes). 

So when scanning the customer will come with two tickets: 1) Mediamatic Bon 2) "I have a Bon". Here are the following steps:

  • Mediamatic Bon is scanned via Stager by turning on the event "Bon. Program". This will validate the Bon. If invalid it means the customer already used the Bon, hence will have to pay at the door or he/she cannot attend the workshop. 
  • Scan on Stager via the workshop event the "I have a Bon" ticket. The "I have a Bon" ticket is their access to the workshop.
  • Lastly, on the second event that was created on Stager you will simply enter, that a person paid this workshop with a Bon.