The Bon can also be used by customers at our Restaurant.

How does the Bon work at Mediamatic ETEN?

In November 2019 Mediamatic launched the Mediamatic Bon. This is a gift card that can be bought online and used at our workshops, lectures but also at Mediamatic ETEN. The Mediamatic Bon has the following prices: 10€, 30€, 60€ and 90€.

As this may be fairly new, here is a set of instructions on what to do if someone decides to pay their Mediamatic ETEN bill with a gift card:


  1. Check the amount on their gift card
  2. Go to the Stager App.
  3. Go to Check In – turn on the ETEN Bon option.
  4. Scan the Bon.
  5. If it gets scanned that means it is still valid.
  6. Next go back to Nappkin.
  7. Click on: “Menu Mediamatic Bon”.
  8. Click on the amount that was on the Bon (-10, -30, -60, - 90)
  9. This should subtract the given amount from the total bill.
  10. Let them pay the remaining amount from the bill in their desired payment method.
  11. Keep the Bon in the designated folder.
  12. That’s all! Cheers.

 PS: Check the Terms & Conditions below, there are some things you’ll need to check on the Bon.

 Terms & Conditions

  • Valid 1 year from its purchased date.
  • Non-refundable. 
  • Customers must always bring printed version of the Bon.
  • If the purchased product/bill is less than your Bon, we can give back other Bon's but only in multiples of 10 (e.g. You have a 30€ Bon and spend it on a 20€ workshop, we can give you a 10€ Bon back).  
  • No Cash return.