Bon: History

History of the Bon: Previous steps, the designs and how the Bon came to be.

Where can I find all documents regarding the Bon?

All documents of the Bon are found under:  MM Network - File01 - Kantoor - Stichting - Communicatie Stiching - 2019 - Mediamatic Bon.

What was the process of the Bon?

The Bon begun as a voucher that we wanted to offer to companies. This meant the more workshop vouchers a company bought the cheaper it would be for them. However, with time we thought of the idea of a gift card that could not only be used on workshops but also at our restaurant. Because the word "gift" means poison in Dutch, we thought using that word would not be nice for the targeted audience, which are primary Dutch people. From there we came with the word Bon. 

Design History

Over the course of the weeks we went through a variety of designs. All designs attempts and design templates that we have made can be found here:  MM Network - File01 - Kantoor - Stichting - Communicatie Stichting - 2019 - Mediamatic Bon.