Little Red Riding Hood

Odorama 36 - with Frank Bloem and others

23 Jan 2020

“What great big nose you have, grandma?”
“All the better to smell you with, my dear.”

This evening we will discover the world of fairytales, and their olfactory aspects. Why do we frighten our children? What role does fear play in children’s tales? Does fear has a smell? Can smell enhance the experience of a fairy tale? How do amusement parks and cinema’s make use of smells? We will look at this subject through the lens of the well known tale of Little Red Riding Hood. What did the flowers smell like that caused Riding Hood to go off the trail, and that made her meet the Wolf? What does a wolf smell like?

All things you might want to consider before you stroll into the woods on a cold January afternoon, when the wolfs are hungry.

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Little Red Riding Hood vintage illustration -


More information about the lecturers soon.


Odorama: Little Red Riding Hood
Thursday, the 23th of January
Start 20:00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam

Tickets: Full price €7,50 | Artist / Student / Stadspas €5,25 | +€2,50 at the door | (including €1 administration fee)

*We give a discount to students and artists. If this applies to you we will ask to see your kvk nr/portfolio or student card for this option. For questions please send an email to