Alice Gimpel

How to use Buffer and schedule posts

For scheduling our social media posts, we use Buffer. An extension that allows us to plan content on multiple platforms at once. 


Buffer publish homepage -

First step

To enter Buffer, you will need a log in. You can find this on the password page here. You can log in via this URL


Second step

When you enter Buffer, you will see multiple platforms on the right hand column. We primarily use the facebook and instagram tab. When you click on the tabs of the platforms, an agenda will appear on the right hand side. 


Third step

Check the communication calendar to know what needs to be scheduled and how. The communication calendar has been created for you to read where your posts should go. Pink means Instagram and Facebook and blue means only Facebook. We do this because we only want to highlight via Instagram and don't want to overcrowd our feed there. 


Fourth step

Start scheduling your posts by clicking on the time and date blocks in the Buffer extension. You can find content by combining information and visuals. Read more about how to write an Instagram post or how to write a Facebook post.


A few things to consider

  • Multiple pictures in the same post on Instagram won't automatically get scheduled and you will have to do them manually via your phone by downloading the Buffer app. They will work via Facebook. If Buffer tells you something doesn't work, please let your communication manager know. 
  • It's useful to download the Buffer app 
  • Always check the Instagram feed of mediamatic_ to make sure you're not posting the same content in a short period of time 
  • We don't touch the Mediamatic ETEN tabs
  • Let your communication manager know when you have finished scheduling the posts, so that they can check it and give you feedback