The restaurant has orders coming in on multiple occasions during the week. Sometimes the bar management takes care of those, sometimes we're not present and you have to deal with the incoming order yourself.

If you happen to be present when an order comes in (for instance; Oedipus beers, Neleman wines or an order from Kweker or Albert Heijn) we kindly ask you to follow these easy steps:

1. check the packing list (pakbon in Dutch) and make sure all of the items on the list have been delivered. If something's missing, let the person delivering the goods know and inform the bar management as well.
2. Sign the pakbon with your name and the date and make a picture of the pakbon with your phone or one of the ipads behind the bar.
3. Send it to with the name of the supplier and the date in the subject line. For instance; "Albert Heijn - 5 december 2019"