Bon: Nappkin

Nappkin released a Kadobonnen, a potential future solution for the MM Bon.

What is the Nappkin Kadobonnen?

Nappkin is the app that is used at MM ETEN. Within the app the company has launched a Kadobonnen option, this means people can purchase gift cards via Nappkin.

Why consider implementing the Nappkin Kadobonnen?

With the MM Bon that we created via Stager, it was a form of hack. We used what Stager could provide us with and worked our way around it, thus, this means the current system is not the most user friendly way of a gift card. Having the Nappkin Kadobonnen could be a solution as everything is integrated within a single app. This means that bookkeeping, the process of keeping track of gift cards is all simplified.

The Pros & Cons of the Nappkin Kadobonnen


  • Simplifies bookkeeping 
  • Simplifies the entire process 
  • Everything is integrated within 1 application


  • You lose the tangible product of the gift card
  • Not as nice of a present
  • Harder to implement online purchases

Experimenting with Nappkin Kadobonnen

Designs experimentation has been done with the Nappkin Kadobonnen. This can be found: MM Network - File01 - Kantoor - Stichting - Communicatie Stichting - 2019 - Mediamatic Bon - Nappkin Kadobonnen.

What to think about for the future?

  • Contact Nappkin and work together to find a solution 
  • Continue to experiment with the current voucher system, and see if a new system is actually necessary