Elizabeth Vasilyeva
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The Cloud catcher got fixed and so the Children of O were blessed with precious water


During our 10th Neo Futurist Dinner, a future community entered Mediamatic's Biotoop. The dinner tried to find playful solutions for water shortage due to climate change. The Children of O grow their crops in sea water, use the braque water of the Oosterdok for food production and source their water from clouds. To celebrate their achievements, they invite their fellow survivors to look back on the past and its lack of water. With this dinner we tried to ask, what is our relationship with water? What happens if a water shortage occurs? And what will the impact be on our food, customs and behaviour?


O what blessing we share with you today. The water is falling upon us for the celebration of hydration. Please catch a drop with your finger and feel the moisture on your eyelids, on your cheeks. Feel the power of water when it freshens your neck, your pulse. The joy this water brings upon us today is precious and rare. Therefore I advise you to treasure and use this moment to the fullest. O may the water flow with youO.


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