Miktor & Molf workshop

Coffin for your beloved

Together with the relatives Miktor & Molf work on a coffin that will be a homage to the deceased. As a starting point the family members bring along an archive of images of the loved one.


De kist van Miktor en Molf is een collage en heeft een post-mortem brievenbusje. -

Miktor & Molf do everything together and therefore they also share a coffin. Miktor & Molf like to be surrounded by all sorts of imagery. Newspaper photographs, images from sex magazines, home made photos, drawings and paper found on the street can all be employed in the design of the coffin. The example-coffin of Miktor & Molf is a collage of all these elements, resulting in hysterical effects. Their underlying idea is that the exterior of the coffin is a wild collection of the experiences, thoughts and interests of the person in it.

Miktor and Molf request from the relatives to bring an archive with images relating to the loved one to the workshop. Every image is selected from the basis of a story or experience. Miktor & Molf make room for these stories in the workshop and thereby the design of the coffin becomes a homage to the deceased person. The coffin is then an extension of how this person is perceived in the minds of the surviving relatives. In true Dutch funeral fashion, Miktor & Molf make sure that there is coffee and cake and soggy sandwiches with ham and cheese.

Miktor & Molf met each other at the Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten in The Hague. They were inseparable until the moment that Miktor (Mick Johan) could no longer handle his frustrations about the not-so-flexible attitude of the institute and its prevailing mediocrity. He left the school to become a postman. A year later he was editor in chief of Vice magazine. Molf (Matthijs Booij) stuck it out at the Academy and ended this period with a legendary and visionary project called 'Matthijs Booij and his merciful passion for a random Moroccan guy'. This project came into the world only thanks to the persistence and perseverance of Matthijs Booij and was highly renowned in press circles. This graduation was the cue for Mick Johan to resign from his position as editor in chief and join his soulmate to create history together.

For more information on the Coffin for your Beloved workshop, please contact Michel Langendijk or Tanja Baudoin of Mediamatic, 020-6389901. After office hours you can reach Michel Langendijk at 06-40963010.