Linnea Slipsager

Templates for new workshops

When you create a workshop you need to figure out:


What: What will you do at the workshop?

Who: Who will do it? And Who will do what ?

When: When will it take place and what is the duration?

Where: Where will the workshop take place?

How: How will you do it? 

Materials: What material do you need for the workshop? 

Finance: How will you calculate the finances? 


Creating an overview and share it with others

A workshop involves both tutor - participant - assistant - locations - And Mediamatic program staff. Keeping the involved well informed - is key to making it all work. 

At the workshop template folder you can find workshop planning plug-in sheets that you can copy and use to keep track of the workshop planning. 


Overview. Plan several workshops and keep track of the different planned practicalities, agreements, links and information. 

When you have made your overview remember to add it to the workshop overview folder 


Workshop Website description: Inform the possible participants and invite them to your learning experience by creating a description to publish on the Mediamatic Website. 


Assistant checklist: What are the tasks of the assistant before under and after the workshop? Make sure it is connected to the Assistant overview so interns can sign up for assisting. 


Workshop description for internal use: What will you do at the workshop? You can go through this with the tutor to work out how you want to create the content of the workshop.