Step 1: Create your plantsign

How to design a new plantsign

  1. Open the file MM_PlantSigns.indd. The folder is on the fileserver (file01).
    You can find the file here: Kantoor > 0-Stichting > 0-Graphic Design > 35 - Plant Signs > PLANTS > FinalVersion


    Step 1 -

  2. Your screen should look similar to this. (If you don’t see the “Pages” on the right or the “Layers” on the left, you can find them in the menu on top under “Window”.)


    Step 2 -

  3. To export certain signs click on the pages you want to export. In this example it’s page 1.


    Step 3 -

  4. Check if the layers “Text”, “Symbols”, “Flower” and “Border” are visible. To do so make sure the eye-icon appears in front of it.


    Step 4 -

  5. Export the plantsign in high quality, so it’s ready for printing. Go to File > Adobe PDF Presets > [High Quality Print].


    Step 5 -

  6. Save the exported file in the correct folder. You can find it here: Kantoor > 0-Stichting > 0-Graphic Design > 35 - Plant Signs > PLANTS > FinalVersion > PDF. The filename should be “000_plantname” in lowercase letters.


    Step 6 -

  7. Now you can specify which signs you want to export - the “range”. If you want to export one single sign, type in its number. In this case “250”. If you need to export more signs at once type in their range. For example: “1-25”. Pay attention if you checked “View PDF after Exporting”. In case you’re exporting a lot of signs you might want to uncheck that box.


    Step 7 -

  8. Yippie! Now your file is in the right folder. In this case 250_TESTPLANT.pdf. 


    Step 8 -



9. Now it's time to get printing!

  • Send file to the printer
    (You’re in contact with Robert Blokker)
  • Make sure the file consists of single PDFs
  • Make sure the filenames are correct and written in lowercase
    Example: 001_plantname.pdf
  • Let them know how many times you want which sign
    Example: 001_plantname.pdf X 3
  • Ask them to take off the plastic protection foil otherwise you have to do that one by one
  • Pick them up at TT Melissaweg 61


    Step 9 -