Step 2: Build the metal stand

How to build the metal stand of the signs


Bending3 -

You need:

1 x Marker

1 x Steel cutter (Make sure you have the steel cutter disk on!)

1 x Sanding tool

1 x Bending tool

1 x Zinkspray

You can find everything in the barn. Ask Remco for instructions on how to use the tools!

  1. Measure the steel. Mark everything with a marker.

  2. Cut the steel:
    Small piece (“foot”) = 20cm
    Long piece = 50cm

  3. Sand the steel:
    Sand the end of the steel for the part you need to weld
    Sand the other end (which is getting bend) for glueing the sign
    Sand the top of the stick, so the metal is smooth.

  4. Bend the steel:
    Bend the upper 10cm at 45°
    Bend the small piece in the middle at 90°

    Bending -


  1. Weld the steel

    Welding -

  2. Spray the welded part of the steel with zinkspray
    Needs to dry for 45 mins!

    Spraying -