Nina Hees

Aquaponic Pest Control

Life in our aquaponics system not only exists as the African catfish swimming in our tanks, and the plants growing in our flower beds, but also as the pests creeping inside our greenhouse. Pests thrive in our system as they're provided with delicious food and a warm environment. Given the presence of pests, especially their notable prevalence the last weeks, I decided to document my process of pest control in our aquaponics system. Below, I provide an indication of how I managed our pests (slugs and aphids) and my experience with them.




I realized there were slugs in our flower beds three ways:

1. By physically seeing them (image 1)

2. Slime on the leaves

3. Holes in leaves from where slugs had been eating



Image 1 - A slug feasting on a leaf in one of our flower beds