Remko Siemerink

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I like exploring the interdisciplinary field of 'interactive architecture'.
I love cycling and building bicycles.
I like messing with software and electronics. is the link to my 'business'.

Back in 2008, when I participated in PICNIC I was interested most in connectedness ... the increasing connectedness of people, disciplines, technologies, places, well ... everything. An immense network exists; consisting out of stuff in both the 'virtual world' (the internet) and the physical world. My graduation project was essentially about this and I am currently continuing the research. The recent developments that I am investigating, together have a huge impact on social-life and our physical environment. An essential ingredient are social networks (both the 'old fashioned' ones and the ones online).

PICNIC, for me, is an interesting example of a very successful and interesting social network. The themes of the '08 conference seem very much valid for the Archtctr2.0 research. I am so excited!

Education: MSc Architecture at TU Delft, graduated within the Hyperbody Research Group on Social Networks, Augmented Reality, and things like this will affect our built surrounding / architecture.

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