Testimonial Luis Rodil-Fernández

Mediamatic has been crucial in my professional development, many of the opportunities I had in my early career came from people I met in Mediamatic.


Happy Luis and his Breedrs - Daria Perevezentsev

Mediamatic is a beacon of Amsterdam's cultural scene. It is internationally known and has managed to stay visionary for decades in the rapidly changing fields of art and design. Experimenting with cultures and providing a nurturing home for visionary and innovative practices. Mediamatic fills a crucial role in facilitating conversations between design, art, science and technology. The synergies that emerge from these conversations are the petri dish of the innovative, diverse and forward-thinking cultural sector that characterizes the Dutch internationally.

Today I teach in the field of design in various Dutch Universities and Mediamatic is a vital reference for my students as well.

Luis Rodil-Fernández

Data & Matter, Masters of Digital Design, Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Design, Art and Technology, Arnhem, ArtEZ University of the Arts