Testimonial Maurizio Montalti

Working across various roles, media and formats, I have collaborated with Mediamatic (MM) since 2011 and it’s certainly been a valuable encounter since the very beginning.


... - Maurizio Montalti

MM provides a rather unique environment that, in many different occasions along its history, proved capable of anticipating on developments happening within the artistic field at the intersection with societal urgent topics and overall technological developments. That’s definitely been the case also when MM decided to direct its renewed focus to biotechnological processes and the resulting materials, targeting those as some of the most promising emerging media within the creative practices of the 21st century. The visionary approach taken when looking at the role of fungi (mycelium) within art/design practices and the possibilities that working with microbial systems can provide to society at large, created the suitable substrate favouring our encounter and allowing for the development and further expansion of our mutual learning trajectory. A learning guided by doing/making. All in all, a far looking, flexibly adaptable institution which has catalyzed plenty of outstanding projects, thanks to a set of unprecedented intuitions and collaborations, contributing to strengthen and support the incredibly large array of creative professionals they have been working with, along the past three decades.

author: Maurizio Montalti
email: info@corpuscoli.com
website:  https://www.corpuscoli.com/
website:  https://mogu.bio/