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Brainstorming, conceptualising and idea sharing with the artist

1 Jan 4300

There is a lot left to be discovered in the land of micro-organisms. Artist Saša Spačal is intrigued by the function, aesthetics, sounds, and smells of this microscopic world. Her artistic research focuses on developing technological interfaces and relations with organic and mineral agents. She tries to address the post-human condition that involves mechanical, digital, and organic logic.

We offer half-hour one-on-one sessions for you to share your ideas with Saša Spačal. To keep our planning running as smoothly as possible, we close bookings one week in advance. 

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At the Opening of Meta_Bolus - Guest experiencing the smell of geosmin propagated through the receptors and observing, through a magnifying glass, the bacteria in the bioreactor. This creates the second loop of the Meta_bolus, an open one where humans and bacteria interact and actively bridge the inter-species gap. 

For Whom?

In for a deep dive into research questions? Have you been contemplating how to make your research a bigger part of your practice?

During the consult, you sit down with the artist to discuss your work, ideas, and challenges. You can expect an honest talk filled with (unwanted) advice and original ideas.

About the artist

Saša Spačal is an artist who works at the crossroad of research into living systems, contemporary art, and sound art. Her work has delved into the different links in the chain connecting environment, culture, and planetary metabolism. She has probed and mediated the posthuman condition and our relationship to organic and mineral agents through her art, which brings together mechanical, digital, and organic elements. Feeback loops in all their complexity are a significant element in Saša’s work. Importantly, Saša’s art transmits, through concrete objects and contained experiences, some of the incomprehensible processes around us, such as the planet’s metabolism and the ways in which humans interfere with it through pollution, exploitation, and removing ourselves from nature while creating inequalities between us. 

Some of the projects developed by Saša include breathing stations which incorporate bacteria, interspecies connectors between humans and earthworms or mycelium, a small planet wrought with earthquakes caused by soundwaves, a model of symbiotic relationships, a portal blurring the boundaries between virtual and augmented realities, and nano-beings as technological elements introduced into the natural world. Saša also explores (un)natural sounds and our connection with them.

Saša's work Meta_bolus is currently displayed at Mediamatic.

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