K - Meta_bolus

Located in the Straatkamer

When the installation is 'on' (plugged in), the water and alcohol containers will be empty within a few days. Please check regularly.

In the flask with yellow liquid you put (distilled) water. Distilled if you have, if not use tap water. In the flask with transparent liquid you put denatured alcohol in 1:4 ratio. One unit of alcohol and 4 units of water. You can find pure alcohol in a container, in the Aroma Lab next to the sink.


20-02-2020 Meta_Bolus - At the Opening of Meta_Bolus - We present the installation ‘Meta_bolus’ by Saša Spačal and Mirjan Švagelj.  Meta_bolus embodies the planetary metabolic process as a fragile dynamic of substances in a continuous balancing flow. The installation is a l oving exploration of the smell of rain which is partly caused by the Streptomyces Bacteria that emits the seducing aroma geosmin; a single sniff of which can evoke the memory of a forest after rain. The Streptomyces bacteria also produces antibiotics, therefore the aroma of wet…