Alice Gimpel

Setting up your first campaign

This is an article that will guide you along creating your first campaign in google ads. 


homepage google ads -

Step 1: Log into our ad grants account, you can find the details in our password list


Step 2: On the homepage you can see how much impressions and click we've had. Impressions are how many times people have seen our ads, clicks the amount of times the ads have actually caused someone to click. This is a total of all our ads together. On the left hand side you can see a list. In this list you can click on campaigns to view our current campaigns as well as make a new one. 


Step 3: You can see our campaigns in a list. If you click on one of our campaigns you can see that they are made up of two ad groups (NL and ENG), we do this to cater to english speaking googlers and dutch speaking googlers. For every campaign you start, you will have to make two ad groups.

Step 4: Go back to all campaigns. Either by clicking on the left hand menu or by returning with the <- in your browser. Click on the + to create a new campaign. 

Step 5. Click create campaign, you will now be forwarded to the campaign maker. Select Sales as your goal, select Search as campaign type, select Website visits and insert the landing page for your campaign. 

Step 6: Name your campaign. This will be the name of whatever you're trying to promote. Check if there is already a campaign for this. If your campaign is for example for the workshop Foraging Food, your campaign name will be Foraging Food. 

Step 7: Untick Search, untick display. With our ad grant, these don't work

Step 8: Check the audience inserts, insert what you need and set your budget to maximum 325 per day. Since we don't reach the full capacity of our expenses, you can set this for every new campaign you make. 

Step 9: Because of our ad grant, bidding is always set to conversions

Step 10: Don't worry about sitelink extensions etc. You can play with this once you get a bit more familiar with google ads and perhaps call the google ads helpdesk to help you set them up. 

Step 11: Create your ad groups. Like mentioned before, you will make two ad groups, one in Dutch, one in English. Name your first ad group with your title with NL at the back and create a new ad group with ENG at the back. Now it's time to start inserting keywords. To find keywords that work best we use the keyword planner. It's best to open up a new tab and open google ads in there as well, as you will search for relevant keywords in the keyword planner. In the new tab, go to right hand upper side and select tools and settings, select planning -> select keyword planner

Step 12: Select discover new keywords. In this planner you will be able to find keywords that are relevant to what you are promoting. If you are promoting a workshop, think of ways someone would look for this workshop. First in Dutch. Remember to always use at least two words (f.e workshop in Amsterdam or leren naaien). If you only use one word, the system will notice and our ad grants account might be taken away. So this is super important! Use a maximum of 30 keywords. 

KEYWORDS: don't focus solely on keyword planner. Think what would you write if you would be looking for Product-X. You have to use word-groups and don't only go for the popular keywords. Because of grant we don't get high ratings.

Step 13: After creating keywords for both groups, start writing your ads. Following common sense, use dutch for the dutch ad group and english for the english ad groups. While writing your ad, make sure to use your keywords as much as possible. You don't have to be too creative, just make sure its clear and keywords come back. 

Step 14: While writing your ad, add your specific landing page to Final URL. Make a landing page before you make your google ad. 

Step 15. You are done with your ad. Keep updating your campaign by playing with the keywords if they are not working. You can view your keywords strength, by clicking on your campaign ad groups. 

Check in every 2 weeks for updated data

Always check if there is a message in the bell in the right corner of your google ads page. If there is a red exclamation mark, you need to change some stuff so your google ad grants account can keep running. You can always call google support on 0800 2500036 for help.