Alice Gimpel

Making a communication plan

This article is meant to prepare you for making a working communication plan for your events, workshops or neo futurist dinners. Generally a neo futurist dinner will be prepared similarly like one of our events. Workshops are recurring and plans that have worked for one of the workshops will generally be ongoing since our workshops happen once a month. The images give you an indication of how you could go about your communication plan, otherwise follow the instructions. 

Step 1. Go to our Mediamatic website and check the agenda. 

Step 2. Open a new tab, go to the google calendar and click to see the Events Mediamatic calendar (if you haven't been shared in it yet, ask your program manager or program intern to share you in this calendar with the ability to see, edit and share the calendar) 

Step 3. For workshops, we start communication three-two weeks in advance. For events 4 weeks in advance. 

Step 4. We maintain around 4-6 posts over all our platforms for whatever happens at Mediamatic, excluding newsletters and excluding Instagram stories. To read how to write a newsletter go here. 

Step 5. When you find the event that you would like to plan, use your communication calendar to plan your communication. It works to go backwards and count down the amount of posts. 

Step 6. Make sure to invite photography interns to event (always) or workshop (if pictures are necessary, since recurring there might already be photo's) as soon as you start planning communication, generally 5 weeks in advance. Since some of the events happen during the weekends or during the evening, they might already be busy, so be sure to be early with making them know that you need them on a specific date. 

Step 7. For larger events, we write a press release 6-4 weeks in advance. To read how to write a press release, go here. 



If there is a larger event, there is no content ready for you to use and it's important to collect and create all your material on time. Generally having your content ready 5-4 weeks before the event helps you be more relaxed during communication. Meet with graphic designers about 7-6 weeks before event to brainstorm about the content you will use or any graphic design stuff they need to make for the event. During your communication meetings with Willem you guys will brainstorm about how to communicate your event in language, goal and visuals. It's also important to contact speakers for their content, so you can use it. If you're preparing for Neo Futurist Dinner, Odorama or a Still Life, often there is no content yet. Together with Willem and your program manager, you will have to think about how you will create content together with photographers, artists, chef or graphic designers so you can communicate that to draw attention for the real event. 

Workshops are recurring and unless it's an entirely new workshop, the content doesn't have to be thought of anew. You can use content that we have collected in these templates for your posts. They don't have to be different each time, but once you notice photo's are outdated or have been used many times you might want to consider doing a new photo session to freshen it up.