Alice Gimpel

Nemo Kennislink

Whenever you know that an event will be taking place in the future, it's good to send out all the information to Amsterdam calendars so potential customers see it on other platforms. One of these calendars is the Nemo Kennislink calendar, it's free for us to use. In this article you can read how to upload your event to the calendar. 

Step 1: Four weeks before the event get all your information in check. 

Step 2: Go to the Nemo Kennislink Dashboard and find the password to enter here (Search Nemo Kennislink)

Step 3: Click on Nieuwe Activiteit

Step 4: Choose Mediamatic as the organisation and choose what the activity is a part of (This is Nemo kennislink if its just a regular event and this is Weekend van de Wetenschap if it is part of the weekend)

Step 5: Fill in the form as follows, this is done in Dutch. Have a Dutch speaker do this if you don't speak Dutch yourself or have it checked by one. There should always be a Dutch version of events. 

Step 6: Save and send off to the Nemo Kennislink team to check. Make sure you provide proper credit for any images you upload as part of the event, if the image has been made by our photographers credit is always Mediamatic.