Sometimes workshops unfortunately get cancelled or a participant cancels. Here we explain what to do in different cancellation scenarios. 

Cancellation by Mediamatic

Mediamatic always reserves the right to cancel the workshop if minimum number of participants is not reached (this can vary per workshop, but generally it is half of the maximum number). We decide 3-4 days before if the workshop will be cancelled. It is important to notify the tutor and the participants as soon as possible. We always offer to reschedule the participants’ ticket for the next workshop (or any future dates of the workshop if they cannot make the next one). In case they request a refund, this is also possible. 

In case of cancellation by Mediamatic

  1. Notify the tutor as soon as possible.
  2. Notify the communication coordinator, so that they won’t promote the event anymore. 
  3. Delete the event from the website. 
  4. Cancel the event on Stager: Go to the main page of the event  change status from "confirmed" to "cancelled"  save
  5. Delete the event from Events Google calendar.
  6. Email all the participants via Stager about cancellation. Offer to reschedule the ticket for the next workshop. Wait for their replies.
  7. In case of rescheduling ticket:
    1. Rebook the ticket in Stager: Find participant in Stager → click name → “orders” → event name → tick box next to the ticket → Click “refund” on top of the ticket → click “rebooking” & write a reason for rebooking → submit
    2. Make a guest ticket available: go to “tickets” of the event → guest → make sure “web” and “door” are ticked (save) → configure → fill in the required amount in “total available” → save
    3. Send a quest ticket: Stager marketing → “create mailing” → select “new ticket” template” → fill in right email →  find image of the event and implement → drag “guest ticket” under the text → find correct event → fill in required number of guest tickets → for the guest ticket text fill in “click here to receive your new ticket” → send
  8. In case of refund:
    1. Request the participant’s name on the bank account and IBAN. 
    2. Once you receive this, forward it to Jans ( together with the amount of the refund and the reason for the refund.
    3. Notify participant that the refund is on its way and that we generally process refunds on Monday of each week.

Cancellation by participant

We offer to rebook or refund the ticket, if we are notified 14 days before the workshop takes place (see terms and conditions). If cancellation is notified later, check how to proceed on individual basis with the events coordinator and Jans.