Create a template

When working with workshop emails, it is very useful to have mailing templates for each workshop. When there is a new workshop, you will have to create a whole new pre- and post-mail - you can find out how to do it here


Stager templates -

To create a template

  1. Sign in as Workshop on Stager.
  2. Click Marketing on the top
  3. Mail Templates on the left
  4. Create template on the top right. 
  5. Select name for the template and a subject for the template. 
  6. Click active the email address you want to use under Reply to.
  7. Drag Free text box into the email field.
  8. Start with copy-pasting the Mediamatic logo and two spaces: 


  9. Start typing: "Dear ..." if you want the program to automatically insert participants name, start with "Dear {{first_name}},"
  10. Type your message.
  11. You can add an image to the end by copying the image address of your wanted Mediamatic image and using the code: ![](image url)
  12. Drag Socials under the text.
  13. Save!