Pre- and post-mails

Pre-mails and post-mails are important in communicating logistic information, promoting future events and  gathering feedback about our workshops. It also helps make participants feel more welcome at Mediamatic. When a new workshop is launched you will need to compose a pre-mail and a post-mail.

Before you compose a pre- or post-mail, get acquainted with how to use Stager mailing and how to create a template in Stager


Stager pre-mail -


Start by creating a template in Stager, and naming it "Pre - [workshop title]"

For the text, we want to communicate a few things:

  1. Welcome them to the workshop
  2. How to get to Mediamatic [link to instructions on Mediamatic website].
  3. Which space the workshop will be taking place, and where that space is in (relation to) the main building.
  4. When the doors open and when the workshop starts.
  5. Any additional notes come here e.g. if they can bring own materials, special dress code etc.
  6. There will not be food served, but they can visit the restaurant ETEN [link ETEN home page] (check whether ETEN is serving food before/after workshop and adjust wording accordingly).
  7. Welcome them to explore other projects at Biotoop  [link to To see at Mediamatic on the website].
  8. End with:
    "We are looking forward to meeting you.
    Our best,
    Team Mediamatic"
  9. Attached an image of the Biotoop map


Start by creating a template in Stager, and naming it "Post - [workshop title]"

In the text, we want to promote other workshops and gather feedback:

  1. Express that we hope that they enjoyed the workshop. 
  2. If there is something specific that the tutor would like to communicate e.g. references, recipes, product pick-ups, you can add them here.
  3. Promote other workshops. This can be general if there are no other related workshops. In this case just link our Workshop Calendar page. If there are other editions of the workshop, mention it here. If there are workshops or event by the same tutor or within the same theme (e.g. scent-related events), promote them here! Don't forget to link everything to Google Landing page collections. 
  4. Promote the Friday Open Tour [link to Google Landing page of Open Tour].
  5. Express that we would appreciate feedback [link Google feedback form].
  6. End with:

    "We hope to see you again.
    Our best,
    Team Mediamatic"

  7. At the very add a nice picture that relates to the workshop.