Alice Gimpel

Scheduling Photographers

For every larger event and for some workshops, we have to schedule the photography interns to make a compelling selection of content that we can in turn put on our social media or on our website. 

We schedule photographers for 

- Odorama and Still Life (or any other lecture series happening at the time). 

- Neo Futurist Dinners, for trial dinners as well as try-outs as well as at least two evenings of the dinner (one evening definitely and a second evening if anything has been missed on the first evening or needs better representation) 

- workshops that are happenings for the first time, workshops that don't have enough content on our website

 In this article, you can read the guidelines about scheduling photographers so everyone knows in time what and where they need to be.


Step 1: Once you know an event is taking place, immediately check whether one of the photography interns is available and schedule them in the communication calendar on the date of the event. You can do this by first searching for the event in the google calendar and scheduling a meeting with the photographer for the amount of time the event will take place. Select communication as the calendar so other people can also see when the photographer will take pictures. 

Step 2: follow up by asking them if they can confirm in the calendar that they will be taking pictures that day and if they received the invite. 

Step 3: Ask when the pictures need to be delivered and what the selection is that you expect. Photo's need to be edited and selected within 24h. Be strict as you need these pictures to in turn post them on social media and to our followers. You can read here how to make a selection and what we expect from our selections. If it's useful for you, you can also schedule the photographer for the next day to edit and select pictures. If the intern needs some help selecting, you can schedule a moment where you give feedback on their work and adjust where you would like to see changes. Make sure they upload the pictures to the website using proper keywords and other uploading criteria.

Important: Make sure you schedule photographers as long in advance as is possible. Best is to make an inventory of all the events in the upcoming 2 months and invite them where necessary. Like this you make sure that you know long in advance what you can expect in terms of photography. 

If it happens that a photographer is not available for an important event because of whichever reason, you can call some of our previous photography interns to ask them to make pictures for an hourly rate. Two people you could contact are 

Anisa Xhomaqi 

Maxim Damper

You can probably find their contact in Stager under relations, if not, ask Jans or one of the managers if they have their number. Be sure to contact them on time, so that they can find time to help you with photography. Make sure they know exactly where and how you would like your photos uploaded. They know how to do it, just provide them with the information and possible passwords where necessary. Agree with Jans what the fee will be and for how many hours you expect to need them.