Covid-19 Update 01-04-2020

At Mediamatic we follow the guidelines as set up by the Dutch government. Our Biotoop is large and we have lots of different spaces. There is more than enough space to keep enough distance from other people at all times. 

If you’re thinking to apply for an internship at Mediamatic please take a look at the questions below.

I’m based in Amsterdam (or close by) and would like to do an internship, is that possible?
Yes, of course, please send us your application. Please make sure you do not have to travel by public transport.

Is Mediamatic accepting applications at this time?

Yes, we are accepting applications. Please provide us with your preferred internship period. We are always curious what you can offer us, and what we can offer you.

Do I have to come by for an interview?
We follow the guidelines as provided by the Dutch government. At the moment that means that we still prefer for you to pass by in person. If you’re not comfortable with this, we can also offer a Skype interview.

Can I work from home?
It is unfortunately not possible to start an internship online and from home. (If you’ve been interning at Mediamatic for a while, it is, depending on the project you’re working on if you can work from home or not.)

If there’s any more questions, please send us an e-mail at