Giulia Soldati, Tommaso Buresti


Ever-changing and plant-based

We offer a mouthwatering tasting menu that is constantly mutating and adapting. Following the seasonality of ingredients and working with the challenges offered by our suppliers, the menu changes daily. You'll be surprised every time you dine at Mediamatic ETEN. No visit is the same!


Serres Séparées Menu - Photo by Abbie Moran for Mediamatic. Taken during the third test run of our Serres Séparées. 

We used to have a special Chef's Menu from Wednesday to Saturday and our famous pizza menu from Sunday to Tuesday. This is history. We now serve an ever-changing and plant-based menu that suit our Serres Séparées and Grande Serre.

Current Menu

We create courses based on the availability of seasonal ingredients from our selected producers. We pick herbs from our Aquaponics garden and ferment products in the Mediamatic Clean Lab.

Our ingredients are handled with the utmost respect. It is our duty as chefs to elevate the ingredients with our transformative art, without disregarding their potency. As food designers, we play with different techniques of preparation or preservation. The courses are meant for sharing and we encourage you to experience them with your hands rather than using cutlery. 

We offer a drink pairing with the tasting menu. This drink pairing is based on the dish so expect teas, beers and wine to make up your night. We also offer a non-alcoholic version where we offer you a variety of drinks that we prepare with syrups we produce or tea from our selection. 


We've currently cancelled all pizza baking activities. Find out more here.


For our beer selection, we've partnered with Oedipus beers, a local brewery based in Amsterdam Noord. We do collaborations to craft specific beers according to a project or an ingredient we are working with!

We have organic wines from Netherlands, Italy, France and a surprising selection of jenevers. 

Next research: Japanese Knotweed?