How to test the water

you can always look at the most recent values in the “Nutrient log” and then look at the water testkits range and determine the desired dilution.

An example: PO4 last measuring result was 10ppm the testkits range is 0 - 1.8
So you could make a dilution of 1:20. In this case you multiply the end result by 20.

The dilution is made in a clean canister by adding one part aquaponics water to 20 parts of distilled (or tap water). For instance you take 200ml of distilled water and 10ml of aquaponics water, mix well and take your sample. Make your dilution in a large volume so you are less likely to make small measuring errors.


  1. Always start with Clean equipment
  2. Make sure to always rinse the flasks and suringe with the water to be tested
  3. Clean all equipment after use to prevent drying in of chemicals or minerals.
  4. Dispose the tested water in the chemical waste container. Or find an empty bottle and lable it Chemical waste.