Cooking with Food Designers

with Giulia Soldati and Tommaso Buresti

How can you design with food? In this workshop, you will be guided by our creative food designers to learn to cook one of their plant-based recipes. After a foraging tour in our garden Hortus Dijkspark, you will go into the kitchen and prepare your dish. This workshop is always unique - adjusted to the season, time of the day, and your group size. 


Fresh bread from the wood fire oven by Tommaso Buresti - Elizabeth Vasilyeva

What you will do

Depending on the season, and the time of day, Giulia Soldati and Tommaso Buresti will create a plant-based cooking experience with your group. They will share their unique recipe, teach you some tricks of the trade, and they will guide you in making your own appetising meal. To discuss the different options for this workshop, please do so when contacting us about your venue rental. 

Giulia Soldati

As a designer, Giulia Soldati is researching ways to merge the world of food and design. Her work is inspired by food and food cultures. In her design practice, Giulia Soldati uses food as a tool to explore the relationship with our bodies, to push and to question our culture and beliefs, giving shape to new culinary experiences and languages.

Tommaso Buresti

Chef Tommaso Buresti grew up in the kitchen of his father's restaurant. He cooks as long as he can remember and loved to experiment with food. His background in Industrial Design influenced the way in which he looked at food and experimentation. He approaches cooking as research, a trial of different factors, with a delicious end-product. 

Together Tommaso and Giulia have created two amazing editions of the Neo Futurist Dinners at Mediamatic. Both were named A La Mano because it was all about the relationship between the food and our senses. No cutlery was involved and everything was eaten by hand, making the participants engage in play with the food and with each other. They are currently working as the creative minds of Mediamatic ETEN.


Workshop: Food Design
Duration: -- hours

This workshop will be given in English.