Cancellation Terms & Conditions

You have bought a ticket to one of our events, dinners or workshops. It is unlikely, but possible, that sometimes things don't go as planned. What do we do in these cases?

I bought a ticket for an event, workshop or dinner, but it turns out that I cannot make it. What now?

No show: If you don't tell us in advance that you can't come, there will not be a refund.

Less than 5 days ahead until 2 hours before the start: In that case you can transfer your reservation to another person without consulting us. If you manage to find a replacement there are no costs for you. If you do not succeed in finding a replacement, we will pay you back 50% of the initially paid fee, so we share the damage. In this short term we have already made our costs and preparations for your time with us, with the capacity limited by corona this kind of risk and cost can not be covered by us. We ask for your understanding.

Longer than 5 days: For the cancellation of your reservation and refund of your deposit, our normal conditions apply. Cancellations with refund are free of charge up to 5 days prior to your reservation.

To cancel, always reply to the confirmation email.

To be able to refund you, we need some details from you. Please send us your full name, your IBAN, and the date and name of the event.

The refund should take a maximum of 4 weeks.

I made a wrong booking, what do I do?

When you notice this, please contact us as soon as possible. The same refund policy applies. 

What happens if the event, workshop or dinner is cancelled by Mediamatic?

In the unlikely case that we are forced to cancel or reschedule, we will make sure your ticket is rebooked or refunded. 

I have questions, what should I do?

You can always contact us with your questions. For restaurant-related questions, by sure to call or email Mediamatic ETEN. For any other question, call the office number or email. Here is how to contact us.