Branko Kleynen

FAQ Serres Séparées

What kind of food do you serve?

As a plant-based, sustainable restaurant, we keep seasonality in our heart when creating dishes. The menu is based on the harvest of our own aquaponics system and the deliveries of our suppliers.

There is no kids-menu. Of course you are welcome to come with children; we can make smaller portions if you wish.

A ticket includes a 4-course dinner for two or four persons. Drinks are not included. 

How can I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation by visiting our ticketshop. When booking a greenhouse, you actually buy a ticket, just like you do when buying tickets for a concert or performance.

We offer two kinds of Serres: two-person greenhouses and four-person greenhouses. The prices for these are:

  • €100 for a two-person greenhouse
    In these you can sit alone, with two or even three. When you’d like to eat alone there is a reduction of €40. An extra person means a surplus of 40 euro.
  • €200 for a four-person greenhouse
    In these you can sit with three or four. There is no reduction in this greenhouse.

What should I do when I want to come with 3 people?

If you want a dinner for three, a 2-person greenhouse is the best option. This greenhouse costs €100.-. We will charge you an extra €40.- at the door for the third person.

What to do when I bought a ticket for the wrong date?

When you make your reservation, you’re actually buying a ticket for our restaurant’s new performance. This means we can’t do rebookings or refunds. However, we are partnering with the website Ticketswap. Here you can sell your ticket and try to buy new ones for other timeslots.

I have a ticket, but I got sick. Can I get a refund?

At the moment we cannot process refunds. We're sorry!

I'm allergic to something. What should I do?

Send an email to Please also mention the date and time of your visit. Our chefs will come up with something nice.
We are a plant-based restaurant, meaning we’re comparable to a vegan restaurant. Intolerance to lactose or other dairy products are not an issue.

How do I reserve for a greenhouse in August?

We will soon announce when the ticketshop for August will open.

How can I pay?

IDeal is the easiest payment method for us. We we also offer Creditcard, Mastercard and other payment options.

I cannot make it. What do I do?

You can sell your ticket through TicketSwap.

What do you do to make it Corona proof?

A lot! We took all kinds of measurements to let you dine as safe as possible. First we closed the entrance at the side of Hanneke's Boom, because it is too small to fit through with more than one person. Please walk around the building and enter via the side of the Sluisdeurenloods. 

Our waiters wear face shields and serve on long wooden planks, so they don't have to come near to you. Everything is cleaned regularly and thoroughly.