Stager - How to send a guest ticket


Stager - add guest tickets -

  1. Go to Stager
  2. Log in with your Stager account
  3. Go to Planning -> Events -> find and click on the event for which you need a guest ticket.
  4. When you are on the event page click Tickets on the top bar.
  5. Scroll down to Gust tickets.In the ticket types, there should already be Guest (Online and door ticked). If there are no tickets types, you can add Guest ticket type from +Add Guest type.
  6.  Fill in the number of tickets you need. 
  7. SAVE on the bottom of the page. 
  8. Now you need to send the guest ticket to right person.
  9. On the side bar, go to Marketing -> Mailings -> + New mailing.
  10. You should see a list a templates now. Click on New Workshop Ticket.
  11. You are now creating an email. First, fill in the right contact. 
  12. Fill in the correct details in the template text. 
  13. Drag the box Guest tickets from the components section to your email under the text part. 
  14. Keep Invitation link ticked. 
  15. Select the right event (Check that the date is correct).
  16. Once you've done this, you should see Guest (# available). Tick this box -> determine how many tickets per recipient you want to send -> edit the Button text to: "Click here to download your ticket" -> No need to change the Expire at time -> SUBMIT
  17. You email is ready to be sent!
  18. The recipient will receive a new ticket with a new QR code.
  19. Once you have sent this email, it will appear as reserved in the Ticket sale status of the event