Stager - How to send a ticket to a Guest

  1. Go to Stager

  2. Log in with your Stager account

  3. Go to Ticketing in the main menu (left)

  4. Click Guests

  5. Select your event by clicking on the cross in the grey circle, a list of Events opens
    Type the name of your event.

    Note: Stager is working on getting the Event list scrollable. For now, a way to get around this is by temporarily changing the name on the date of your liking with a dash or a full stop. This makes it easier to find the event.

  6. Click +Add new - Single guest

  7. Type the name of your guest under Name and select it

    Note: you can only send tickets to contacts that are already in Stager.
    New person? Add them under Marketing - Contacts - right top corner +Add new

  8. Select Guest under Ticket Type

    Note: Is Ticket type blank? This means the event has no available Guest tickets in the Ticket settings

  9. Fill in the number of Guests

    Note: For the Restaurant (Serres Séparées and Grande Serre) - 1 ticket is not one person, but 1 house or 1 table

  10. Click Save