Tobias Servaas

Serres Séparées: News Highlights

Mediamatic ETEN goes viral

When, during a mid-lockdown brainstorm, someone casually suggested to use the greenhouses at the waterfront for our restaurant, we couldn't have foreseen what would become of this concept. Aren't they a bit small, and can we create a nice climate for dining in them? We decided to go for it. Now the greenhouses are famous all over the world.

About a thousand articles have been written about the Serres Séparées. We have been covered by BBC, CNN and CGTN China, among many others. What's more is that the reviews about the dining experience are laudatory. We are very happy with the enormous success of the Serres Séparées.

Below the picture we collected a few of our favourite articles and videos on the Serres Séparées. 


Serres Séparées testing, waiters serve guests - Photo taken by Abbie Moran for Mediamatic during a test run of the Serres Séparées at May 12.  Abbie Moran






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Courtesy of BBC News. Recorded during a test run of the Serres at the 12th of May.