Jonathan Ho


Portrait of Jonathan Ho -

Jonathan Ho is a visual artist and designer born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and has a master’s in design from the Design Academy Eindhoven. He lives and works in Amsterdam.

From designing the darkrooms of sex clubs to visualising the sexual hermaphroditic reproduction of snails: Jonathan is a mixed-media artist and designer whose work is preoccupied with the research and development of contemporary sexuality and fetish culture.  

During his studies, he interned under Edith van Berkel and has since then dedicated himself to the textile craft as his primary medium of choice. He continues to develop and explore this through the design of costumes, interiors and installations and has a keen interest in contemporary textile production techniques and technologies. 

He set up his own studio in 2017 upon graduating and continues to work as a freelance designer, working with a diverse, yet niche set of clientele that include fetish wear start-ups, perfumers and performance artists.

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